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Just like the rest of society.

Sometimes, I really feel like I’m the only person in the world who thinks like me and does things like me.  I know there are others who agree with me on things because we are friends with similar beliefs and interests…I just feel like I’m not meeting enough people who think like me in things.

For example, abortion to me is just cruel.  I would never put myself in a situation to where I would need to choose it.  I have known people who have had abortions and I understood why they got them.  Had they better protected themselves an innocent growing baby did not have to be punished like that.

They try to justify it by saying it’s an egg or cells so it can’t feel anything.  It’s a potential human life.

It upsets me when people talk about abortion like it is no big deal. I could not live with myself aborting my own offspring when I dream so much some day to have a family.

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When the Harlem Shake used to trend.

I remember when the Harlem Shake used to trend back in the day.  What’s the trend now: left-wing politics, ugh.  I’m trying to watch a NFL football game and there goes Colin Kaepernick kneeling in protest of whatever.  I’m trying to watch basketball and there goes Stephen Curry saying he doesn’t want to go to the White House for winning the Championship.  I’m trying to watch a Taylor Swift concert, and there she goes saying she’s a democrat.  I’m trying to watch the Oscars and there goes Robert De Niro and Matt Damon saying F Trump.  I’m trying to go to Chick-Fil-A to get me a burger and fries and there goes some of the extremists LGBT protestors trying to shut down one of my favorite restaurants for being a Christian owned business.

The only time I have peace is when I turn off the radio, TV and Internet basically.  I made a blog because I’d rather talk about my hobbies, post music and art, and my faith, etc.  I’m not telling people what to do with their lives the way people try to command me to support left wing politicians.  I’m just blogging about how my life has been easier when I do this instead of that.  People can do what they want…it doesn’t matter to me one way or another.  I just don’t want to hear them complain about how hard their lives are if they decide to make a poor choice for themselves and it’s because of their bad decisions as to why their lives are in a situation.

I haven’t watched any current TV in a long time.  I finally got into some rom-coms on Netflix To all the boys I’ve loved Before and Sierra Burgess is a Loser and all the actors, actresses and writers from those movies promote left-wing politics on their Twitters.

I don’t recall Conservatives in the past 8 years trying to insert their political opinions into every TV show, movie, restaurant and sports channel we watch!

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The Insanity of the Left

Liberals think we don’t read their posts or that we’re “misinformed” by Fox news. Here’s a list I have made in the past two years of every single thing they stand for:

**They say they are for peace, love and tolerance yet they only care what someone has to say if that person agrees with them.**

  • They want everything to be boycotted or shut down that they don’t like rather than finding a different channel to watch or simply just not buying the item or just not going to the restaurant they don’t like.
  • They make up horrendous lies about their opponents for votes and they never get punished for their bad behaviors but if a Republican does something bad, they get locked up or arrested, but a democrat rarely ever does get arrested.
  • If someone’s job finds out we support the president, we could get fired just because we support the president even though that’s infringing on our first amendment rights to support what and who we want.  We can’t voice our support at work in fear of losing our jobs but if someone says they support liberals and their platform, they don’t lose their job for their views.
  • They think they’re the only ones with an opinion and they don’t want to hear anyone else’s. Meanwhile they force us to hear their crackpot BS opinions yet they want to get offended by what we think.
  • The social media tech giants suspend or ban only conservative accounts just for being conservative even if we may not be insulting anyone yet anyone who is a democrat and/or liberal doesn’t seem to be affected by these algorithms.
  • It’s okay for black people and/or liberals to say the N-word to a black conservative yet if a black conservative says the N-word to a black liberal the black conservative will get suspended but not the black liberal.
  • They want to ban guns and only allow law enforcement to have guns.  They think the NRA makes millions off of selling guns meanwhile Planned Parenthood makes millions aborting babies but that seems to be okay!
  • They have a problem when children are killed by guns yet it’s okay if a woman has an abortion.  (I’m surprised they really don’t see the irony in that.)
  • Black people and/or people of color can’t be racist – even though in reality they can be.
  • They hate rich white men even though 90% of Hollywood are rich white men using their white privilege.
  • They hate God and Christians and will support Muslims and Islam over Christianity. (Which is why I don’t understand why any Christian would support people who hate their religion!)
  • They hate cops and they think cops kill black people because of their skin color even though black people kill each other every day like it’s nothing in Chicago without any cops involved.
  • They believe there should be more women in power yet they don’t care if the woman is qualified or not, just that she is a woman.
  • They don’t understand why there’s 52 religions but they think there’s 52 and a half genders (or however many genders there are).
  • They idolize porn stars, overpaid celebrities, athletes, musicians, and media personnel over average poor people like themselves.
  • They believe everything should be free: insurance, health care, etc. should be paid for by the company they work for — if people have good jobs then there shouldn’t be government programs, especially if we are able bodied citizens who can work. The reason our taxes are so high is because of all these free programs.  “Free programs” should only be offered to people who work at low wage jobs.
  • They think there are more than two genders even though science says there’s only two.  People can take a lot of hormonal pills and *LOOK* like what gender they want, but at the end of the day, they still have the organs, voice and DNA they were born with.  This is pretty self explanatory but I guess not!
  • They think anyone who accuses a man of decades old assault that can’t be proven is guilty if it is a Republican politician but they will believe the man is innocent if a democrat man is accused of assault with evidence.
  • They think all women tell the truth about assault.
  • They think Fox is fake news because conservative channels praise the president every single day.  Meanwhile, pro democrat sites like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc. criticize the Trump family all the time but they will believe a network who lost the election over a network who won the election.
  • They believe that illegals should be allowed to vote even though they voted Obama in because he said he wanted to deport illegals yet it’s okay for Obama to say he wants to deport illegals and he put illegals in cages.
  • It’s okay for Obama’s and democrat documents from high school and college to be sealed yet they want to know everyone’s high school and college business when it comes to a Republican candidate.
  • When a democrat is accused of assault, democrats don’t care and they ignore it. They don’t call for Cory Booker or Keith Ellison to step down.
  • It’s okay for Obama to play golf and go on first class vacations on our tax payer dollars yet they have a problem when Trump does the same exact thing.
  • They teach 5-year-olds (younger children that shouldn’t be knowing about that stuff) about transgenderism.
  • They destroy people’s property whenever they see a Republican sign in the window.
  • They make conservatives afraid to voice their views in public in fear that they will disrespect their property.
  • They don’t believe in being responsible for one’s own actions and they constantly blame society for why their lives are so bad or whenever a situation occurs to them they want to play a victim.
  • They think all blacks, minorities, women, disabled, elderly should be represented by democrats.

When people go to the polls, just remember how much Hillary said she cared about Flint, Michigan and she hasn’t been back since the election in 2016.

Please let me know if I missed anything. I think I got most of the insanity written down.

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How Atheists Think

People think I don’t know how atheists feel or how they think. I do.  I’ve heard it all before.   People act like I don’t see what they write.  I do see everything they write.  If I’m not agreeing with them, there’s a reason why.

  • They don’t believe in God because they don’t understand why a God would allow bad things to happen all over the world.
  • They don’t believe in God because life didn’t go their way and they expect a happy life to be handed to them.
  • They don’t believe in God because some traumatic event in their lives happened.
  • They don’t believe in God because they didn’t get the president they wanted.
  • They don’t believe in God because they haven’t found their future spouse.
  • **They think all Christians are out to make money just because Joel Osteen got rich off of promoting Christianity.  He doesn’t define all of us.  By the way, whenever I go to church services, no one forces me to donate.  So clearly, the church is not out to make my money.  I don’t have to donate if I don’t want to.  It’s there for those that want to donate.
  • **They think religion is bad because of what some Catholic priests do to children.

They don’t like being generalized, yet why do some atheists think it’s okay to generalize all religions?

In fact, I was personally friends with one a while back but their negativity was toxic to my personal growth I am achieving so I cannot have anyone like that in my life.  I set an example for those who seem lost and or confused about life and when I see people not taking my advice, I don’t need their negative energy bogging ME down.

I tell people what.  I have had all those things happen to me in my life, and yet I’m not sitting here thinking there is no hope for the future.  People my age are married by now having a family.  I’m in my early thirties.  I often wonder why I wasn’t blessed when people keep telling me how I’m such a great girl yet in the past no one did anything to keep me until now.  I don’t date someone just to have any boyfriend.  If I date it’s because I’m interested in that person who is interested in me and we both see a future together.  It’s not because I can’t be dated.  It’s because I’m waiting for The One.  I believe I have found the person I would like to share my life with.

He has the same family values as me (we believe abortion is wrong and having a child when we can’t afford our own selves is also wrong.  Children never asked to be born into this world and they don’t deserve to suffer just because of people’s bad choices).  He’s reliable, responsible and he has been there for me through my most difficult times as a friend.  Other guy friends abandoned me when my life got tough so they cannot be counted on in tough times.  This one has been with me through everything in the past two years.  He’s been with me through job losses, he still hung out with me when I had no job and no money.  He doesn’t ask me to do any favors for him.  He deserves me.  When the time is right, I believe things will happen for us.

I’ve noticed many people who are atheists and democrats suffer from depression.  Does it go hand in hand that democrats make people depressed?  I haven’t ran into an unhappy Republican and even if a Republican is unhappy, they can at least cope with life and hope there is a better future for them.  Democrats and/or atheists often seem hopeless, depressed and suicidal with their LGBT community because they don’t like that people won’t accept their ideologies.  I’ve ran into gay Republicans who seem a lot happier being a Republican.

I’ve ran into people who don’t accept my ideologies and instead of acting like a person who hates the world, I choose to surround myself with people who think like me in these ideologies.

Some things people can disagree with me on like whether or not pineapple should belong on pizza.  When it comes to religion and politics, anything I say about that is not up for debate.