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Cali Rent & Blessings

Today, I hung out with my crush for half a day.

While we’re at the gym on the treadmill, the topic of conversation was these ridiculous $4 million dollar homes in California.

He asked me what would I do: would I get a cheap house out in the middle of nowhere that’s huge but there’s no good places to eat and no places to hang out at or would I get an apartment in the city where there’s lots of restaurants and places to hang out at?

We both agreed – an apartment in the city.

I personally know some people who got a huge house in the middle of nowhere and they have to commute to work an hour and a half to and back every single day.  I said I’m not doing that!

I asked him, how are we ever going to get our $4 million dollar home?  I’m not going to waste $1 million dollars on a crappy shack house, either.  I’d like a nice home after we worked so hard for that money.

I told him the options are:

  • mobile homes
  • Condos
  • Town houses
  • and staying at our parents for now

I’d be content with a Town Home or Condo when we’re ready to get one – I don’t have to get a $4 million dollar house.  He agreed that we’ll probably get a Condo or Town House.

I don’t know what is congress and the senate doing in California, but it doesn’t seem like they’re doing anything to lower the prices here of the homes.  NO ONE I KNOW MAKES A MILLION DOLLARS. EVEN THE PEOPLE I KNOW THAT HAVE THE HIGHEST PAY JOBS DON’T MAKE ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN A YEAR.  They’d solve homelessness if they didn’t make rent so high – seriously!  Someone who makes $15-$20 an hour could get their own apartment with no roommates if they’d just lower the rent.

If I didn’t know anyone here, I couldn’t accept the low pay job that I’m at!!!

I had two job offers – one had a higher pay but no future.  The lower pay job I started out at entry level, but I can advance so I took the lower pay job for the experience.  It’s not about the money for me.  It’s if I’m getting the right experiences or not.

If I keep staying at this low pay job, it’s going to take forever getting our $4 million dollar home.

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So this profile on Twitter: is a Racism Watch Dog profile that is supposed to “bark” at racism. That is one of the most dumbest profiles I have ever come across.  I went to that page to see what they consider “racist” and it’s only ever quoting tweets from Republicans.

Apparently, it’s ran by “two dads.”

It never highlights tweets from Don Lemon or democrats who recently attacked Kanye for being the token black one among other things I’ll not repeat.

As someone who has experienced racism my entire life from all kinds of people, this person who runs has no idea what real racism is at all.

It thinks it’s “racist” to make people who apply for welfare do a drug test.

If I had to do a drug test to pass it to work for an employer, it’s definitely fair to ask people who apply to welfare also take a drug test…nothing racist or unconstitutional about it!


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I created a Wall of Shame tag to highlight all the crazy things people have said to me just for simply disagreeing with them.  I don’t really insult people and they automatically fly off the handle because I don’t think like them.

Diamond and Silk are more established than I am and they have a Wall of Shame page that inspired me to make my own:

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Where’s the outcry for CNN to be shutdown by BLM and Antifa?

People got worked up about Fox mocking Geoffrey Owens, a child actor from The Cosby show for working at Trader Joe’s as an old man.  Where’s their rage when CNN calls Kanye West this?  I’m getting sick and tired of people’s selective moral compasses. Clearly they have a bias.

Here’s the link to a full video of these so-called “journalists” bullying Kanye West for having a different view than them, from Terrence. :



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I’ve seen all the reasons.

People think I haven’t seen all the reasons to vote for democrats.  I’ve seen it.  They haven’t seen my reasons for not voting democrat.

Profiles like incite violence against those who merely disagree with him.  I didn’t say anything offensive and automatically that crazy person was spouting off how they’ll destroy any property that has a Republican sticker on it.  It is incredibly intolerant and it thinks it can insult me for not having the same views as him and he automatically assumes people are white supremacists if they don’t agree with him.  First of all, I’m not even white.  And that’s exactly why I chose the side I’m on so they can’t pull the race card that Republicans are white supremacists if I am NOT a white person.

I don’t put any political stickers on my car or property because of disrespectful people who think they can vandalize my property when they see a sign they don’t like.

If I can’t put a Republican sign on my lawn without someone charging at my property, I will not vote for democrats.

I see Bernie Sanders signs everywhere and yet no one smashes their cars.  This is the difference between the groups.