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Cali Rent & Blessings

Today, I hung out with my crush for half a day.

While we’re at the gym on the treadmill, the topic of conversation was these ridiculous $4 million dollar homes in California.

He asked me what would I do: would I get a cheap house out in the middle of nowhere that’s huge but there’s no good places to eat and no places to hang out at or would I get an apartment in the city where there’s lots of restaurants and places to hang out at?

We both agreed – an apartment in the city.

I personally know some people who got a huge house in the middle of nowhere and they have to commute to work an hour and a half to and back every single day.  I said I’m not doing that!

I asked him, how are we ever going to get our $4 million dollar home?  I’m not going to waste $1 million dollars on a crappy shack house, either.  I’d like a nice home after we worked so hard for that money.

I told him the options are:

  • mobile homes
  • Condos
  • Town houses
  • and staying at our parents for now

I’d be content with a Town Home or Condo when we’re ready to get one – I don’t have to get a $4 million dollar house.  He agreed that we’ll probably get a Condo or Town House.

I don’t know what is congress and the senate doing in California, but it doesn’t seem like they’re doing anything to lower the prices here of the homes.  NO ONE I KNOW MAKES A MILLION DOLLARS. EVEN THE PEOPLE I KNOW THAT HAVE THE HIGHEST PAY JOBS DON’T MAKE ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN A YEAR.  They’d solve homelessness if they didn’t make rent so high – seriously!  Someone who makes $15-$20 an hour could get their own apartment with no roommates if they’d just lower the rent.

If I didn’t know anyone here, I couldn’t accept the low pay job that I’m at!!!

I had two job offers – one had a higher pay but no future.  The lower pay job I started out at entry level, but I can advance so I took the lower pay job for the experience.  It’s not about the money for me.  It’s if I’m getting the right experiences or not.

If I keep staying at this low pay job, it’s going to take forever getting our $4 million dollar home.

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God removes anyone from my life who is no good for me.

I used to feel sorry for this one Internet friend I had.  He has no friends where he lives in Texas and one day he just messaged me out of the blue on Twitter and so I thought I could be like an Internet friend to talk to whenever he needs someone to talk to.  The more he spoke about politics and religion, the more I was annoyed by this person.  I tried to be nice to this person because I know this person has mental health issues.  However, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he told me that I needed to tone down my views and that I need to stop making enemies.  Who says I was making enemies?  I was weeding out the fake people in my life to see who would stop being my friends over what I believe in.  How dare he questions my beliefs when he openly admits he’s mentally unstable and he knows I’m more stable than he is?

I said, excuse me?  So I can see all day in my feed how he insults my Christianity religion, yet he has a problem with things that I support and I can’t voice my support for things I support but he can say whatever he wants even if it offends me?

He’s now on his Twitter page complaining about he can’t stand people who are really big into politics.  I’m thinking to myself, and I can’t stand people who feel sorry for themselves all day as if they’re the only person in the world with situations.  I’m so glad he eventually stopped being friends with me and I hadn’t spoken to him in a long time.  I lent him some money when he was homeless and he didn’t even pay me back – I was never expecting a broke person to pay me back, anyway.  I just noted how unappreciative he was for my help when he was in a tough situation and he thought he could offend me.

I could not put up with seeing him tweet stuff insulting my religion and Christianity.  I was thinking to myself if he thinks what I believe in is nonsense why did he want to be friends with me?  I’m not going to be friends with someone who insults everything that I believe in!

Sometimes, there’s no point in being nice to these kinds of people and I distance myself from them.  I told him just because God doesn’t exist for Him doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist for me and I said you know why God exists? Because He removes toxic hypocrites like him out of my life and then he unfriended me after I said that.

The nerve.  Why am I not allowed to tweet my views yet this person is allowed to tweet insulting and offensive things about my religion and he thinks I should still be friends with him?  At some point we have to remove people from our lives that are no good for us.  If he wants to wallow in his self pity all day, he can do that on his own time, not mine.  I could be sitting here all day feeling sorry for myself saying I’m in my early 30s, I should be married, why am I not married with a family?  Do I do that?

No, instead I’m spending my time building a relationship with a friend that appreciates me, and hopefully one day we will get there.  Good grief!

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Going to the Gym with a crush.

Going to the gym with someone I am interested in makes it even more fun.

He tells me that I should drink only water and that soda is bad.  He’s like 90 lbs while I’m 145 lbs.  He used to be really chubby, too and he lost a lot of weight.  I told him he can take some of my fat.  I need to be his size and he needs to be my size.

I said to him before when I would go by myself, I’d just stay ten minutes in the hot tub then leave.  It’s great that he is going with me more to the gym.  We stay for at least 30 to 45 minutes on the treadmill.

Sunday Funday:

Good times.
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Everyone is their own worst enemy.

People try to say the president’s the enemy, fake news is the enemy, when in reality people’s minds and imagination are their own worst enemies.  Kanye got it right when he said he doesn’t like being told what to do or what he can and cannot wear.  Exactly.  I don’t side with people who command me to think a certain way as if I can’t think any way else.  No one controls me except for myself.  People can give suggestions and make ads, but at the end of the day I make my own decisions.

It’s amusing to watch half the country go into hysteria over things that aren’t even true.  I’m just sitting back here, eating my popcorn watching the “news” and wondering what will they rage about next.  If only they raged about things where it counted.

Things that I am concerned about:

  • Obama and democrats never kept any of their campaign promises yet it scares me people keep wanting to vote for democrats.
  • Why do democrat officials care more about illegal children and illegal families than the black people that voted them in?  Black people didn’t vote for democrats to take care of illegals and these democrat officials are abusing their power to gather more voters from other countries so they can stay in power.
  • Why aren’t left extremists concerned about the racist comments that Diamond & Silk get for being black conservatives?
  • If democrat officials care more about children so much why are they so mad when people want to out law abortion?  I saw one comment that said all the people who are against abortion should adopt.  I said, excuse me?  It’s not my responsibility to take care of someone else’s kid.  That’s THEIR responsibility, not the government’s.
  • Why can a previous president like Obama sit here and slander our current president?  Most presidents just retire without a peep.  Yet it’s okay for Obama and Hillary to try to undermine our current president.
  • Why aren’t they concerned that people can slander someone for votes?  Many people tell me I’d make a great politician for California and that I’d actually get things done.  I said I refuse to run because I don’t put up with people gossiping about me and lying about me to get people to not vote for me.
  • Why aren’t the left extremists concerned that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford lied about assault allegations?  Those who lie about assault should get the equal punishment as if someone were to be found guilty.  Notice how the “news” doesn’t bring up Dr. Christine Blasey Ford anymore after the democrats failed with Christine to not get Brett Kavanaugh nominated.  That right there should tell people this was all a political hit job when no one seems to be too concerned whether or not she’s going to go further with the investigation.
  • Why weren’t the left extremists concerned about children in cages when Obama put kids in cages in 2014?
  • Why weren’t the left extremists concerned about the land being stolen from the Indians when Obama was president?
  • If black lives matter so much to the left extremists, why won’t they talk about the daily violence that occurs in Chicago where blacks kill each other every single day like it’s nothing?  A good kid in Chicago got murdered on his way to the store by some thugs – and this is no cops involved.
  • Illegals cutting people in line who are waiting ten years to properly become legal citizens.
  • Illegals taking away resources from our homeless children and homeless families who are legal citizens.
  • Democrat officials like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters don’t have any concerns about the people in their own districts who are homeless.
  • 16,000 people in San Francisco logged complaints about poop being in the streets of San Francisco.
  • We can’t post political stickers on our property because certain people will disrespect our property if they see a red hat or red sticker.
  • CNN and pro-democrat networks never get punished for saying offensive things on live TV.  Yet when people took Roseanne’s joke out of context, she lost her whole show.
  • Why are celebrities telling us how to live and who we should vote for when they’re rich billionaires and they have different policies than us?  Why should I take orders from these millionaires and billionaires?
  • Why aren’t some people enraged that democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and their people never get locked up and only Republicans ever get arrested?  Why would I want to vote for a side whose people can get away with a crime if they know the right people?  One rule for all – period.  The day Hillary Clinton gets locked up for murdering Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Seth Rich and countless others will be a great day when justice is finally served.  She’s getting away with all these murders and making it look like they were suicides.  And yet all people care about is that she is a woman and they want a first woman president.  They don’t care what kind of woman she is.

Another great video: