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I just can’t be mean even if I tried.

I have two homeless former friends.  However, this post is about the former friend that I knew since we were 14-years-old.  I had enough reading his self-pitying tweets how he was saying no one would help him.  I was bored so I kept checking up on his Twitter even though we hadn’t talked in 3 years.  He was complaining about offing himself and how he’s a disappointment to his mother and family.  His younger brother is already dead and now he’s a failure.  I said the following things to him so he wouldn’t be a failure to his family.

Rather than being mean and rejoicing in his failures for what he did to me, I decided to send him a text to see if he would listen to what I say…especially when he says how no one wants to help him.

I had texted him on a Google Voice number and didn’t say who I was.  We hadn’t talked in 3 years.  And even though we didn’t talk in 3 years he knew who I was without saying my name, lmao!  I’m thinking what a jackass.  He ended a 14+ year old friendship for no reason.  And now he’s complaining about his other friends who he knew for 14 years doing that to him and he did that to me.

I told him I was not mad anymore for what he did since he’s got bigger issues being homeless in San Francisco and no one helping him.

I will not give him any money but I told him how he could make some money fast.

I gave him some ideas of how to get out of the hot sun and cold nights.

I said I would work two jobs and work until midnight, that way I would have a place to go and I’m making money while I’m at it.  Then, he would make enough for a hotel.

He could also write books for 99 cents.

As soon as he gets money he needs to pay off his car first so he doesn’t have any more major bills and he will have a vehicle to travel around in.

I also suggested a gym membership – place to shower – it looks like a friend helped him with a membership which is good.

I told him how when I had no job no one helped me and I had to overdraft and take out cash advances because I can only count on very few people.

So he won’t get any money from me, but I could give him some valuable advice.

I told him he can ignore me or he can still be homeless and complain about being a failure.  It’s whatever he wants to do.

I’m curious if he will listen to my advice or not.  And working two jobs will keep him busy to not think about being homeless and having no place to go all the time.

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Made another blog for just my Portfolio.

I thought about uploading my portfolio on this blog but then I decided to make another name to keep my projects separate from my personal rants.  I’ve seen people before have a blog for both their personal rants and they promoted their projects on the same blog as their personal pages.  After thinking about it more and more it looks tacky to mix personal blogs with a portfolio.  I’ve thought long and hard about this because I don’t want to pay for two domains, but in the end, it’s worth it to keep my projects separate from my personal life.

Then people want to get worked up about someone because they don’t agree with their political views when they decide to share their personal views.  So, on my new portfolio page I won’t be mentioning anything about what I think about anything.  I will just be posting about my artwork, projects, etc.

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Twitter Censorship is out of control.

I don’t know why anyone would want to vote for a side where they suspend your account for simply disagreeing with the head admin’s politics.

I was not insulting anyone on my @theqball4 account on twitter and jack just suspended me for no reason. The worst I called people was a loser and I used sarcasm to answer sarcasm…that didn’t call for a suspension considering Republicans get death threats every day and Twitter Support doesn’t suspend those resist accounts.

Yet, the people called me nasty names are still able to post on Twitter.

The last beef I got into on there was when people said if I don’t support abortion then I should adopt someone’s kid. I told people why is it my or the government’s responsibility to care for someone else’s kid? Shouldn’t that be the parents’ job???

For people who claim to care about kids I don’t see how aborting one’s own offspring or giving your own child away for someone else to adopt is caring.

I also mentioned how atheists want to act holier than thou but I have never heard of any atheist groups helping the homeless the way churches do.

Usually, I get an email to say which post it was that triggered jack and I didn’t receive any email at all.

Jack just flat out suspended my twitter account for no reason whatsoever.

This has to be infringing on my free speech rights and something should be able to be done about it.

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Presentation Matters.

If people are talking to others in a particular way and they’re not getting the results they want, it’s probably how they talk to people.

If someone cut you in line how would you respond?

Aggressive: Do you always make a habit of cutting in front of someone else?

Passive: That’s ok, stay there.

Passive-Aggressive:  That’s ok, cut in front of me even though I was here first.

Assertive: Excuse me, the line is back there.

I shut people off when they say things like “Educate yourself” or if they talk to me like that.  I tend to say things back like: “If you’re the one who is supposed to be the teacher, why are you asking questions?”  I don’t know who they think they are and who they think they’re talking to when they speak like that.

I hear what people are saying about the president and other things, but because they’re childish and they insult anyone that merely disagrees with them, I cannot support people who aren’t respectful of how others think.

It’s like I have to have their opinion or else what I say doesn’t matter to them.

If that’s the case then, I still stick by what I believe in and I won’t allow people to use me for a vote if they don’t care why I think the way I do.

I’m not a programmed robot.  I don’t repeat lines said to me by the TV/media or by the president.

If people think they can fool me and that I’ll believe whatever the media says, they’ll be in for a real surprise.  I’m not as gullible as half of the United States who are going into mass hysteria over made up lies by the media.



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WordPress Chatroom


I’m interested in reading some blogs and was wondering if there are any other like minded individuals like me.  What’s good on WordPress?

Even if I don’t agree with people on things, as long as people are respectful about the differences I am willing to get to know other bloggers.

Too many people have been disrespectful toward me for disagreeing with them when they couldn’t care less to understand how or why I support and think the way I do.  They just fly off the handle with insults which has caused me to not want to make more friends if people are going to behave that way.

I have my beliefs and I don’t change my beliefs for anyone.  And so far, no one has given me any good reason why I should change any of my beliefs.

I’m looking to connect with people who can:

  • have mature conversations
  • are polite/respectful
  • People who do as they say
  • People who can admit when they’re wrong after they’ve been presented undeniable facts
  • People who can apologize when they’ve done something wrong to someone.

I’ve often noticed that many people will say one thing and then do another or that they will never apologize to someone when they’ve hurt someone – I don’t need those types of people in my life.

I’m looking to connect with people who are looking to have personal growth on their journey of becoming better people than we were the day before and just growing, maturing, getting rid of any of our bad habits.

I don’t need toxic energy around me.

I’d like to remain positive about things even if it seems hopeless sometimes.

It’s always great to vent about situations to get things off one’s chest however, my current goal is trying not to hold grudges against people and letting bygones be bygones and focusing on the people in my life who are treating me right and who do appreciate me.

Thanks for understanding and I look forward to getting to know others on here.