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I just can’t be mean even if I tried.

I have two homeless former friends.  However, this post is about the former friend that I knew since we were 14-years-old.  I had enough reading his self-pitying tweets how he was saying no one would help him.  I was bored so I kept checking up on his Twitter even though we hadn’t talked in 3 years.  He was complaining about offing himself and how he’s a disappointment to his mother and family.  His younger brother is already dead and now he’s a failure.  I said the following things to him so he wouldn’t be a failure to his family.

Rather than being mean and rejoicing in his failures for what he did to me, I decided to send him a text to see if he would listen to what I say…especially when he says how no one wants to help him.

I had texted him on a Google Voice number and didn’t say who I was.  We hadn’t talked in 3 years.  And even though we didn’t talk in 3 years he knew who I was without saying my name, lmao!  I’m thinking what a jackass.  He ended a 14+ year old friendship for no reason.  And now he’s complaining about his other friends who he knew for 14 years doing that to him and he did that to me.

I told him I was not mad anymore for what he did since he’s got bigger issues being homeless in San Francisco and no one helping him.

I will not give him any money but I told him how he could make some money fast.

I gave him some ideas of how to get out of the hot sun and cold nights.

I said I would work two jobs and work until midnight, that way I would have a place to go and I’m making money while I’m at it.  Then, he would make enough for a hotel.

He could also write books for 99 cents.

As soon as he gets money he needs to pay off his car first so he doesn’t have any more major bills and he will have a vehicle to travel around in.

I also suggested a gym membership – place to shower – it looks like a friend helped him with a membership which is good.

I told him how when I had no job no one helped me and I had to overdraft and take out cash advances because I can only count on very few people.

So he won’t get any money from me, but I could give him some valuable advice.

I told him he can ignore me or he can still be homeless and complain about being a failure.  It’s whatever he wants to do.

I’m curious if he will listen to my advice or not.  And working two jobs will keep him busy to not think about being homeless and having no place to go all the time.

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