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So this profile on Twitter: is a Racism Watch Dog profile that is supposed to “bark” at racism. That is one of the most dumbest profiles I have ever come across.  I went to that page to see what they consider “racist” and it’s only ever quoting tweets from Republicans.

Apparently, it’s ran by “two dads.”

It never highlights tweets from Don Lemon or democrats who recently attacked Kanye for being the token black one among other things I’ll not repeat.

As someone who has experienced racism my entire life from all kinds of people, this person who runs has no idea what real racism is at all.

It thinks it’s “racist” to make people who apply for welfare do a drug test.

If I had to do a drug test to pass it to work for an employer, it’s definitely fair to ask people who apply to welfare also take a drug test…nothing racist or unconstitutional about it!


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