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I created a Wall of Shame tag to highlight all the crazy things people have said to me just for simply disagreeing with them.  I don’t really insult people and they automatically fly off the handle because I don’t think like them.

Diamond and Silk are more established than I am and they have a Wall of Shame page that inspired me to make my own:

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Where’s the outcry for CNN to be shutdown by BLM and Antifa?

People got worked up about Fox mocking Geoffrey Owens, a child actor from The Cosby show for working at Trader Joe’s as an old man.  Where’s their rage when CNN calls Kanye West this?  I’m getting sick and tired of people’s selective moral compasses. Clearly they have a bias.

Here’s the link to a full video of these so-called “journalists” bullying Kanye West for having a different view than them, from Terrence. :