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When the Harlem Shake used to trend.

I remember when the Harlem Shake used to trend back in the day.  What’s the trend now: left-wing politics, ugh.  I’m trying to watch a NFL football game and there goes Colin Kaepernick kneeling in protest of whatever.  I’m trying to watch basketball and there goes Stephen Curry saying he doesn’t want to go to the White House for winning the Championship.  I’m trying to watch a Taylor Swift concert, and there she goes saying she’s a democrat.  I’m trying to watch the Oscars and there goes Robert De Niro and Matt Damon saying F Trump.  I’m trying to go to Chick-Fil-A to get me a burger and fries and there goes some of the extremists LGBT protestors trying to shut down one of my favorite restaurants for being a Christian owned business.

The only time I have peace is when I turn off the radio, TV and Internet basically.  I made a blog because I’d rather talk about my hobbies, post music and art, and my faith, etc.  I’m not telling people what to do with their lives the way people try to command me to support left wing politicians.  I’m just blogging about how my life has been easier when I do this instead of that.  People can do what they want…it doesn’t matter to me one way or another.  I just don’t want to hear them complain about how hard their lives are if they decide to make a poor choice for themselves and it’s because of their bad decisions as to why their lives are in a situation.

I haven’t watched any current TV in a long time.  I finally got into some rom-coms on Netflix To all the boys I’ve loved Before and Sierra Burgess is a Loser and all the actors, actresses and writers from those movies promote left-wing politics on their Twitters.

I don’t recall Conservatives in the past 8 years trying to insert their political opinions into every TV show, movie, restaurant and sports channel we watch!

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