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Just like the rest of society.

Sometimes, I really feel like I’m the only person in the world who thinks like me and does things like me.  I know there are others who agree with me on things because we are friends with similar beliefs and interests…I just feel like I’m not meeting enough people who think like me in things.

For example, abortion to me is just cruel.  I would never put myself in a situation to where I would need to choose it.  I have known people who have had abortions and I understood why they got them.  Had they better protected themselves an innocent growing baby did not have to be punished like that.

They try to justify it by saying it’s an egg or cells so it can’t feel anything.  It’s a potential human life.

It upsets me when people talk about abortion like it is no big deal. I could not live with myself aborting my own offspring when I dream so much some day to have a family.

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