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I’ve seen all the reasons.

People think I haven’t seen all the reasons to vote for democrats.  I’ve seen it.  They haven’t seen my reasons for not voting democrat.

Profiles like incite violence against those who merely disagree with him.  I didn’t say anything offensive and automatically that crazy person was spouting off how they’ll destroy any property that has a Republican sticker on it.  It is incredibly intolerant and it thinks it can insult me for not having the same views as him and he automatically assumes people are white supremacists if they don’t agree with him.  First of all, I’m not even white.  And that’s exactly why I chose the side I’m on so they can’t pull the race card that Republicans are white supremacists if I am NOT a white person.

I don’t put any political stickers on my car or property because of disrespectful people who think they can vandalize my property when they see a sign they don’t like.

If I can’t put a Republican sign on my lawn without someone charging at my property, I will not vote for democrats.

I see Bernie Sanders signs everywhere and yet no one smashes their cars.  This is the difference between the groups.

One thought on “I’ve seen all the reasons.

  1. Accept that a cleansing war is coming soon and ready yourself accordingly. Don’t worry too much though; Americans can and will eradicate the liberals, progressives, and those sorts they seem to favor.

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