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I personally know someone who has been severely affected in life because of their “political views.”  That person is now homeless and wandering the streets of San Francisco, Palo Alto or wherever that person is.  He went from making $200,000 a year to making $0 a year all because of politics.  I knew this person since we were 14-years-old.  It’s ironic because Former Friend used to be extremely liberal.  Once a former friend became associated with the liberal tech giants, lol, someone he called a best friend who he worked with ratted on him to HR for being an alleged Trumper because he is white and his ex-best friend was jealous of all the tech skills he knows.

I have always wanted to work for Google, Facebook, and/or Twitter, but when I found out how their company environment is, I can’t work for people who are trying to censor my beliefs.  Some of my mentors said if I ever got an offer from there, I should accept it and just not talk to anyone at work about politics.  I said why do I have to listen to their BS opinions yet I can’t voice what I think in fear of getting fired? I don’t want to work in an environment like that.

I’ve always hated liberals and I was never for them.  People should have listened to me before things like this happened.  Instead, it takes for a significant event to happen to them to be able to open their eyes about the reality of the democratic party.  I hate seeing the democrats take advantage of my disabled friends for votes.

I stopped being friends with my homeless former friend because when he used to make so much money, he acted like he was too cool for school and he couldn’t help me find a job when I didn’t know anyone when I first moved here and he was the only person I knew, yet he wouldn’t help me out in anything.  Karma’s a bitch!

Ironic, how now he is saying all his “friends” ditched him when he has nothing.  That’s what he did to me when I first moved here three years ago and I didn’t have anything and I didn’t know anyone but him at the time for networking.


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