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Happy Christopher Columbus Day!

While all the trendy hipsters are trying to change Holiday names because they didn’t get their way in the election, today is still Christopher Columbus Day to me, especially since when Obama was president, all the little trendy hipsters didn’t have a problem celebrating Christopher Columbus Day then.  I didn’t hear any rage to change Holiday names while 44 was in charge and history was still the same then.

They can bash the history of America all they want. Without it, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

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I personally know someone who has been severely affected in life because of their “political views.”  That person is now homeless and wandering the streets of San Francisco, Palo Alto or wherever that person is.  He went from making $200,000 a year to making $0 a year all because of politics.  I knew this person since we were 14-years-old.  It’s ironic because Former Friend used to be extremely liberal.  Once a former friend became associated with the liberal tech giants, lol, someone he called a best friend who he worked with ratted on him to HR for being an alleged Trumper because he is white and his ex-best friend was jealous of all the tech skills he knows.

I have always wanted to work for Google, Facebook, and/or Twitter, but when I found out how their company environment is, I can’t work for people who are trying to censor my beliefs.  Some of my mentors said if I ever got an offer from there, I should accept it and just not talk to anyone at work about politics.  I said why do I have to listen to their BS opinions yet I can’t voice what I think in fear of getting fired? I don’t want to work in an environment like that.

I’ve always hated liberals and I was never for them.  People should have listened to me before things like this happened.  Instead, it takes for a significant event to happen to them to be able to open their eyes about the reality of the democratic party.  I hate seeing the democrats take advantage of my disabled friends for votes.

I stopped being friends with my homeless former friend because when he used to make so much money, he acted like he was too cool for school and he couldn’t help me find a job when I didn’t know anyone when I first moved here and he was the only person I knew, yet he wouldn’t help me out in anything.  Karma’s a bitch!

Ironic, how now he is saying all his “friends” ditched him when he has nothing.  That’s what he did to me when I first moved here three years ago and I didn’t have anything and I didn’t know anyone but him at the time for networking.


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The Insanity of the Left

Liberals think we don’t read their posts or that we’re “misinformed” by Fox news. Here’s a list I have made in the past two years of every single thing they stand for:

**They say they are for peace, love and tolerance yet they only care what someone has to say if that person agrees with them.**

  • They want everything to be boycotted or shut down that they don’t like rather than finding a different channel to watch or simply just not buying the item or just not going to the restaurant they don’t like.
  • They make up horrendous lies about their opponents for votes and they never get punished for their bad behaviors but if a Republican does something bad, they get locked up or arrested, but a democrat rarely ever does get arrested.
  • If someone’s job finds out we support the president, we could get fired just because we support the president even though that’s infringing on our first amendment rights to support what and who we want.  We can’t voice our support at work in fear of losing our jobs but if someone says they support liberals and their platform, they don’t lose their job for their views.
  • They think they’re the only ones with an opinion and they don’t want to hear anyone else’s. Meanwhile they force us to hear their crackpot BS opinions yet they want to get offended by what we think.
  • The social media tech giants suspend or ban only conservative accounts just for being conservative even if we may not be insulting anyone yet anyone who is a democrat and/or liberal doesn’t seem to be affected by these algorithms.
  • It’s okay for black people and/or liberals to say the N-word to a black conservative yet if a black conservative says the N-word to a black liberal the black conservative will get suspended but not the black liberal.
  • They want to ban guns and only allow law enforcement to have guns.  They think the NRA makes millions off of selling guns meanwhile Planned Parenthood makes millions aborting babies but that seems to be okay!
  • They have a problem when children are killed by guns yet it’s okay if a woman has an abortion.  (I’m surprised they really don’t see the irony in that.)
  • Black people and/or people of color can’t be racist – even though in reality they can be.
  • They hate rich white men even though 90% of Hollywood are rich white men using their white privilege.
  • They hate God and Christians and will support Muslims and Islam over Christianity. (Which is why I don’t understand why any Christian would support people who hate their religion!)
  • They hate cops and they think cops kill black people because of their skin color even though black people kill each other every day like it’s nothing in Chicago without any cops involved.
  • They believe there should be more women in power yet they don’t care if the woman is qualified or not, just that she is a woman.
  • They don’t understand why there’s 52 religions but they think there’s 52 and a half genders (or however many genders there are).
  • They idolize porn stars, overpaid celebrities, athletes, musicians, and media personnel over average poor people like themselves.
  • They believe everything should be free: insurance, health care, etc. should be paid for by the company they work for — if people have good jobs then there shouldn’t be government programs, especially if we are able bodied citizens who can work. The reason our taxes are so high is because of all these free programs.  “Free programs” should only be offered to people who work at low wage jobs.
  • They think there are more than two genders even though science says there’s only two.  People can take a lot of hormonal pills and *LOOK* like what gender they want, but at the end of the day, they still have the organs, voice and DNA they were born with.  This is pretty self explanatory but I guess not!
  • They think anyone who accuses a man of decades old assault that can’t be proven is guilty if it is a Republican politician but they will believe the man is innocent if a democrat man is accused of assault with evidence.
  • They think all women tell the truth about assault.
  • They think Fox is fake news because conservative channels praise the president every single day.  Meanwhile, pro democrat sites like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc. criticize the Trump family all the time but they will believe a network who lost the election over a network who won the election.
  • They believe that illegals should be allowed to vote even though they voted Obama in because he said he wanted to deport illegals yet it’s okay for Obama to say he wants to deport illegals and he put illegals in cages.
  • It’s okay for Obama’s and democrat documents from high school and college to be sealed yet they want to know everyone’s high school and college business when it comes to a Republican candidate.
  • When a democrat is accused of assault, democrats don’t care and they ignore it. They don’t call for Cory Booker or Keith Ellison to step down.
  • It’s okay for Obama to play golf and go on first class vacations on our tax payer dollars yet they have a problem when Trump does the same exact thing.
  • They teach 5-year-olds (younger children that shouldn’t be knowing about that stuff) about transgenderism.
  • They destroy people’s property whenever they see a Republican sign in the window.
  • They make conservatives afraid to voice their views in public in fear that they will disrespect their property.
  • They don’t believe in being responsible for one’s own actions and they constantly blame society for why their lives are so bad or whenever a situation occurs to them they want to play a victim.
  • They think all blacks, minorities, women, disabled, elderly should be represented by democrats.

When people go to the polls, just remember how much Hillary said she cared about Flint, Michigan and she hasn’t been back since the election in 2016.

Please let me know if I missed anything. I think I got most of the insanity written down.