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Got a new printer for free!

How can anyone read about what I’ve been going through and say God doesn’t exist?

I’ve been praying for a really long time that one of my neighbors would give away a free printer so I wouldn’t have to buy one. I got a free TV and free radio from my other neighbors that didn’t want that stuff anymore.

My prayers were finally answered last night. I guess my house mates didn’t know how to fix the printer and they put a sign on it and they left it at the end of our driveway saying anyone can take a free printer.

I knew something had to be wrong with the printer – no one gives away a printer like that for no reason.

I took it in thinking I would be able to fix it and I did!

There was a paper jam – I guess my housemates aren’t really tech savvy so they wouldn’t know how to fix a simple thing like that!

If they were nice to me they could have asked me to fix it so they didn’t have to give it away free like that.

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