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Everything in my life is going so slow.

I finally found a decent long term job which I should have started after I graduated college. If only I had found this place after I graduated, but I lived in a different state then and things happened to delay me.

Dating is also not going really fast for me, either.  I’m not asking to be married right away.  I just want something steady.  I’ve known some people who got married in only three months of dating and knowing each other. I’ve known some people who have gotten engaged in 6 months.  Yet, I’m still here sitting patiently waiting wondering if it will ever go to the next step for me to just have it be a steady relationship.  It’s exhausting.  Sometimes I feel like giving up trying but I know one day I will get the relationship I want.  Great things take time.

I’m good at making friends, but I can never get someone to officially declare we are in a relationship.  I don’t want to rush things because I want a relationship to last and if we are meant for each other, we have eternity so I doesn’t need to be anything right now only just friends. Still, I see my other friends being able to say they’re actually in a relationship.

My life is going at a snail’s pace.  I wonder if I will ever get that Condo or house that I want.  I wonder if I will have that family I want.  I wonder a lot of things that seems to look impossible right now.

People always say how am I able to be by myself in my room.  I’ve learned not to depend on anyone for company as they sometimes get busy with life.  So, I always busy myself watching my DVDs or work on my projects to pass the time to not think about hanging out with people when they’re busy.

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