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What I really wanted to do.

My life dream was to always be a journalist. I even went to college and took Communications and English Writing courses that’s how serious I was about it.  Then I know people get murdered for reporting the truth. Like Seth Rich.  Seth Rich was murdered because he had dirt on Hillary Clinton.  Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade’s deaths were all connected to Hillary Clinton’s people yet they covered it up as a suicide.  This doesn’t add up to me.  Why would a chef suddenly end his life out of nowhere when he had a show going on in France and one of his last few tweets was:bourdain

Then it’s revealed his girlfriend Asia was one of Harvey Weinstein’s rape victims and Bourdain was going to get Weinstein for what he did to Asia.  Still think Trump is more evil than Hillary? Perhaps people should do some more research on all the deaths that are connected to Hillary, including celebrity “suicides.”

-Joan Rivers outed Obama as a gay man who is married to a trans. Michelle Obama is a trans.  Suddenly, she’s dead a week later, too after she says that. Makes one go HMMM….

I’m getting sick and tired of people’s fake moral out rages when they never cared when it was Obama who said he wanted to stop illegal immigration.

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