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Harmony? Right.

People need to get over their self-righteous attitudes. These are the same people in the same camp as Maxine Waters who called for violence on Trump supporters. People have unfriended me because they didn’t like the fact that I don’t agree with them and I don’t share their same views. False prophets can preach about harmony all they want. They’re the ones causing the discourse.  Trump supporters are happy Trump won and the Trump haters are the ones who keep protesting him getting a rise out of people.

They say it’s to get back at the people who were in the way of Obama. When Obama was first elected, he was only worth $1.3 Million. When he retired, his Net worth went up to $40 Million. No one was in the way of Obama’s riches so people need to get over themselves.  Obama had a damn good time playing golf and taking first class trips to Aspen, CO on my tax paying dollars.

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